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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hye De LyNa Lover's!!!


Hye De LyNa Lover's smuer!!!!!

since ages kot De LyNa xupdate blog..
sbbnyer dua-dua tokei De LyNa tgh sibuk & full schedule la..

tp order still goin on..
THANK YOU to all yang keep order dgn De LyNa...
really appriaciate it...Sayang korang Smuer!!!!

memajukan De LyNa bersama!!!

To De LyNa Lover's, wawarkan la De LyNa pada kawan2 korang eh..:)
Saper2 yang nak order!!!!
jgn segan-segan..
emel or trus text to De LyNa hp number...
sebarang pertanyaan akan dilayan..
kitorg xmakan org tau..De LyNa makan cheese tart jer...

Enjoy your Weekend!!!!!!!


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